A special Super Bowl edition of Zayde’s Turntable

Go Patriots!

To celebrate New England’s impending triumph in today’s big game (fun fact! The term “Super Bowl” is trademarked by the NFL, hence the over-use of the phrase “Big Game” as a euphemism for the game), I’ve put together a quick little fun entry for you.

The record features “Deacon Andy Griffith” (1926-) delivering perhaps his most famous comic monologue: “What it was, was football” before a live audience in January 1954. It appears on a Capitol record, catalog number 2693 and master number 20267-N102/20268-N11; it’s a standard 10” diameter black vinyl disc with lateral grooves and a ¼” spindle hole. Side-A is Part 1 of the monologue and runs 2 minutes and 51 seconds; Side-B is Part 2 and runs 2 minutes and 33 seconds. The recording predates Griffith’s appearance on TV as Andy Taylor of Mayberry fame by six years is valued at around $5-$7. No clip this time; click the link above or the label photo to hear Griffith do the entire monologue elsewhere, though.

Andy Griffith (1926-) in a picture from 1955, a year after he recorded this monologue for Capitol records. Note the sad, confused, and vapid expression: he appears to be a Giants fan.

Hey, I got snacks and finger food to prepare, so if you want to dig up the history of Andy Griffith, Capitol Records, or this “football” thing I’m gonna leave that up to you.